7 Ways To Break A Fever

Posted by HealthA2Z & NutraA2Z on Jan 12th 2022

7 Ways To Break A Fever

Your body fights infection by increasing its temperature; this helps kill bacteria and viruses that caused the infection. Flu and fever are more common in the winter season. Flu fever can last 5-7 days but is very uncomfortable. The sweating, shivering, body ache, weakness, and loss of appetite that it brings along make the situation even worse.

If you’re suffering from a fever and looking for ways to get some relief, here are a few ways you can try to manage your condition.

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Rest As Much As You Can

Any movement or activity can raise your body temperature when you have a fever. You must sleep and rest as much as you can to keep your body cool and prevent it from heating up.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Fever can cause a loss of body fluids and dehydrate your body. Therefore it's crucial to keep your body hydrated by consuming adequate liquids such as water, broth, juices, soup, etc.

It's advised by doctors to increase your water intake when you have a fever due to infection. Men should intake about 3.7 liters per day, while a woman should consume 2.7 liters per day.

Suck on Ice

If drinking water makes you feel uneasy and nauseated, you can try sucking on ice. That'll help keep you hydrated, provide your body with essential nutrients, and simultaneously lower your body temperature.

Keep Your Environment Cool

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When you’re suffering from fever, keep your room cooler and avoid layering yourself with blankets even if you’re shivering and feeling extremely cold. Sleep with only a light blanket or a light sheet.

Wear Light Clothing

Wearing lighter clothes can also have a cooling effect on your body. Wearing lighter colors and materials will help you stay cool and lower your body temperature.

Perform Tepid Sponging

Place a cool, moist washcloth on the back of your neck and your forehead. You might also give yourself an icy water sponge wash, concentrating on high-heat regions like your groins and armpits. You can repeat the procedure two to three times throughout the day to keep your body cool.

Opt For Over-The-Counter Medicines

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A fever is a dreadful symptom to have to deal with. Chills, shivering, and headaches might become unbearable, and you'll want to get some relief. You must keep over-the-counter drugs that help alleviate the symptoms of fever at your home at all times.

Acetaminophen, for example, is an over-the-counter fever reducer that is safe to use even for children.


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