3 Supplements That Boost Your Energy Levels in Winter

Posted by HealthA2Z & NutraA2Z on Dec 22nd 2021

3 Supplements That Boost Your Energy Levels in Winter

For many people, the winter season arrives with “winter blues'' and an overall drop in energy levels. Limited exposure to sunlight and a higher prevalence of infectious diseases are the primary cause for most people. However, supplements can help you boost your energy and feel more active and healthy

Here are three supplements that can help you restore and maintain your energy levels this winter season.

1- B-Vitamins

B-vitamins play a significant role in metabolism and maintaining sleep cycles, both of which determine how energetic you feel throughout the day. Cells in the body use vitamin B-12 to convert carbs, fat, and proteins into glucose. This glucose is used to produce ATP, which is the fuel for our body.

B-vitamins, especially B-6, also play a role in sleep, and lower levels of B vitamins can disturb your circadian rhythm. This disruption of circadian rhythm is due to limited exposure to sunlight in the morning, and being B-vitamin deficient can intensify the effect.

Taking B-vitamins can improve metabolism and regulate your circadian rhythm. However, you should also increase your daily exposure to sunlight, especially in the morning.

2- Melatonin

The circadian rhythms control your energy levels based on the time of the day. Normally, it lowers energy levels at nighttime when you have to go to sleep and spikes energy levels during daytime when you have to stay away. But how does it tell daytime apart from nighttime?

It measures the amount of sunlight that enters your eye, assuming you get more blue light in the morning than in the evening. However, if you don’t get enough blue light in the morning, it never completely prepares your body to wake up, and you feel drowsy throughout the day.

Most people experience winter blues because their body isn't able to tell daytime apart from the nighttime. But the circadian rhythms work by varying levels of the hormone melatonin. You can reinforce the circadian rhythm by taking melatonin before bed.

Melatonin is technically a hormone, but it’s completely safe, which is why it’s available in OCT supplements. People usually take it to fix jet lag, and it has no side effects. Taking melatonin is a quick, easy, and effective way to fix winter blues.

3- Vitamin D

Sunlight is the primary way you get vitamin D. Limited exposure to sunlight in the winter can lower your vitamin D levels, making you feel tired. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that any extra amount you take is stored in your body for later use.

However, getting these supplements through food alone might not be possible. This is why various nutritionists suggest people take dietary supplements to boost their energy levels.

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