5 Types Of Headaches And How To Treat Them

Posted by HealthA2Z & NutraA2Z on Feb 25th 2022

5 Types Of Headaches And How To Treat Them

Many of us have experienced the throbbing, painful, and distracting agony of a headache in some form. Every year, nearly 45 million people in the US complain of headaches, with approximately 8 million Americans consulting a professional for treatment.

There are many different types of headaches. This blog will guide you on some common ones.

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Tension Headaches

You have a dull, painful sensation all over your head if you have a tension headache. It isn't that severe, but the sensitivity and tenderness around the shoulder, scalp, forehead, and neck are what make tension headaches very uncomfortable.

A tension headache can strike anyone at any time. It's frequently triggered by stress. To deal with tension headaches, try relaxing by meditating or enjoying your favorite read at a quiet corner in your house to distract yourself.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headaches cause excruciating pain near your eye or on one side of the face. It can cause nasal congestion, sweating on the side that's under the effect of headache, flushing, redness, and swelling.

Most people get one to four headaches per day during a cluster, which frequently occurs at the same time each day. To treat cluster headaches, you can consider putting cold and hot compresses near your head and eye. This will help ease the pain and reduce its frequency.


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Migraine is a pulsing sensation that originates deep inside your head. This discomfort can continue for several days. Migraine headaches severely impair your capacity to function daily.

The pain usually only affects one side of your head and is throbbing. Light and sound sensitivity, vomiting, and nausea are common side effects of migraines.

To relieve the throbbing pain, try putting heating pads or hot packs to relax the tense muscles. You can also take warm showers at least twice a day to soothe your muscles. You can also drink a caffeinated beverage for short-term relief, but don't make it a habit.

Hemicrania Continua

Hemicrania Continua is a persistent mild headache on one side that lasts for at least three months. The pain might get intense at times, making it highly uncomfortable and unbearable for you.

It is more likely to affect women and makeup roughly 1% of headaches across America. You might feel agitation, restlessness, excessive forehead sweating, droopy eyelids, nasal congestion, and red eyes when dealing with Hemicrania Continua.

This type of headache is best dealt with over-the-counter headache relief caplets. Consult a doctor or a pharmacist and get one to get rid of the excruciating pain.

Ice Pick Headache

Ice pick headaches, also known as primary stabbing headaches, are characterized by brief, stabbing pains in your head. It starts as a single stab in your head and moves around, hammering various areas in your head.

If the stabbing pain continues at one place, reach out to a doctor immediately as it might hint towards something more serious. There are various massages available that help deal with ice pick headaches.

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