NutraA2Z Multi Collagen Types I, II, III, V & X

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NutraA2Z Multi Collagen contains Types I, II, III, V & X hydrolyzed bovine collagen, chicken collagen, and eggshell membrane. Collagen is the most prevalent protein in your body and one of the major building blocks of bone, skin, and muscle. It may support the health of hair, it may help in enhancing skin softness, and may support strong nail growth. NutraA2Z Multi Collagen capsules require no mixing and can be taken anytime, anywhere.

All-in-one super collagen blend

Type I Collagen: Anti-aging collagen that supports skin elasticity, digestion and hydration. Up to 90 percent of your body’s collagen is type I collagen.
Type II Collagen: Supports joints, bones & cartilage. May help relieve joint pain.
Type III Collagen: May assists in the development of blood vessels, skin, connective tissues, lungs and tissue in the body's heart. 
Type V Collagen: Type V collagen co-exists with type II collagen in joint cartilage, while supporting collagen fibers of type II collage.
Type X Collagen: Plays role in the creation of articular cartilage, which is found at the ends of bones that come together to form joints. May Supports normal bone formation.

Collagen (from hydrolyzed bovine collagen, chicken collagen, and eggshell membrane)..... 1735mg
Protein.......... 2g
Calories.......... 5cal
Why NutraA2Z Multi Collagen?
Beauty Support Inside & Out

NutraA2Z Multi Collagen combines 5 types of collagen which may support youthful looking skin and strengthens your hair and nails while helping to maintain your joints and supporting muscle growth.

Supports Joints & Gut Health
NutraA2Z Multi Collagen supports stronger joints and bones while also aiding in digestion and gut health.
Easy to Absorb
NutraA2Z Multi Collagen is fully hydrolyzed collagen making it more easily absorbed by the body.

Product Overview

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review