HealthA2Z Pill Box, Easy to Open Pill Case 7 Day Medicine Organizer for OTC Medicine, Supplement

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Product Overview

Easy to Open Weekly Pill Organizer

Push open design 7 day pill box, easy to open for the elderly or kids, or arthritis.

BPA-Free Material

Our pill case is pretty safe because of being made of food grade materials.

Never Ware Off

No worries about the labels wared off easily so that you couldn't distinguish the tablets any more.

Why Should We Need to Use a Pill Box?

- Remind you to take the right medication and right dose at the right time, every day.

- When travel, make sure you have more than enough medicine to last while you are away.

- Prevent you to take the wrong medication or skip doses.

- Say goodbye to multiple medicine bottles.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review