PerkUp Energy Booster (Strawberry Shock, 60)

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FAST ACTING NEW TECH-The natural energy booster works quickly by being dissolved and absorbed in your mouth unlike caffeine drinks.
NATURAL-Caffeine extracted from natural green coffee beans provides natural energy, additional B vitamins for energy help you focus.
GREAT TASTING-A healthy alternative to energy drinks that comes in delicious fruit flavors with no bitter or unpleasant taste.
CONVENIENCE-PerkUp is an energy drink alternative with no messy liquids and easy to carry.
NO SIDE EFFECTS-No unpleasant side effects or intestinal discomfort, no crash or jitters.
PerkUp is a unique energy boosting tablet that dissolves on your tongue to provide quick energy for hours. With the right amount of caffeine per tablet and great taste, PerkUp is the perfect choice for those looking to restore mental alertness and wakefulness, while reducing fatigue and relieving stress*.
PerkUp contains caffeine from natural green coffee beans and B-vitamins which makes it a much healthier energy choice
Natural Caffeine Source
Our caffeine is made from natural green coffee beans. With 50mg caffeine per serving, each tablet equals a small cup of coffee.
B Vitamins
The B vitamins (B3, B5, B6) keep you energetic and alert for anything that comes your way. These vitamins help convert food into energy.*
Real Fruit Flavors
Strawberry Shock, no bitterness or after taste. We use real fruit flavor instead of sugar and other chemicals.
It dissolves in your mouth. Slip one on your tongue and fasten your seatbelt! Before you know it, PerkUp is fueling your day, your night, your whole responsibility-filled life. No more early morning drowsiness or late afternoon crashing. You’re back for more of whatever it is you need to do.
A convenient box that fits in your pocket. Leave a pack in your car, at your desk, or in your bag. Perfect for increasing workout performance, boosting stamina for an all nighter, breezing through an afternoon at work, or partying till daybreak.
What’s cool about PerkUp?
Fast Acting
It’s sublingual. Active ingredients dissolve in your mouth and absorb into your system without being destroyed by the digestive tract, maximizing effectiveness and prolonging energy. Dissolves in minutes and keeps you alert and awake for hours.
No Sugar & Zero Calories
It’s sugar free and zero calories. Too much sugar and too many calories can lead to weight gain, tooth decay, diabetes, gout and many other health issues.
Pocket Mini Size
PerkUp is an energy drink alternative with no messy liquids and easy to carry. PerkUp is perfect at room temperature unlike other liquid energy sources.
Half the Cost
Half the cost compared to other energy boosting products.